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In 2009, the company was established.


In 2010, invested more than 3 million RMB to build a R&D and small test base of nearly 1,000 square meters. Obtained evaluation reports from two well-known domestic monoclonal antibody R&D and manufacturing companies. Applied for the first Chinese invention patent. Launched Galaksil series silica matrix chromatography packing, EF analytical liquid chromatography packing and EP preparative liquid chromatography packing. Dr. Mu Ning was listed in the introduction program of high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talents in Jiangsu Province, and was appointed as a visiting professor by the School of Medicine of Jiangnan University. Dr. Mu Ning was awarded the title of "2009-2010 Top Ten Leaders in Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship".


In 2011, he launched Sepromax series of PSDVB matrix protein and antibody drug purification chromatography packing.


In 2012, we launched Bettsep series of ion exchange packing for natural product purification on polyacrylate matrix.


In 2013, launched GLK1000/2000 liquid chromatography column loading system; applied for the second successful invention patent of the company; applied for two successful utility model invention patents.


In 2014, launched Galaksil series peptide drug separation and purification chromatography packing, Absolut A antibody analysis special column series.


In 2015, launched D500/501 type low molecular heparin purification chromatography packing; applied for the third successful invention patent; applied for one successful utility model invention patent.


In 2016, launched GLK-gel series agarose matrix protein and antibody drug purification chromatography packing; applied for the fourth invention patent.


In 2017, launched GLK-MQA process package for DNA removal in vaccines.


In 2018, set up Wuhan office liaison office and Guangzhou office liaison office.


In 2019, apply for 5 invention patents and 1 utility model invention patent; set up international trade department and export products to more than 10 countries and regions worldwide.


In 2020, we establish Zhuhai factory and Shanghai laboratory. The production capacity will be expanded more than 5 times and the R&D capacity will be expanded 3 times.


In 2021, launch VirCap series chromatography packing, launch upgraded Sepromax series PSDVB matrix chromatography packing and Absolut A columns for antibody analysis.